Why GSS?


Why choose Global Store Solutions?


If you've ever thought about starting an online store, then stopped because it was too hard or expensive...we have great news.

Building an online store can be expensive, especially if you have someone build it for you. Having specific features that work with your business model adds even more expense. Once the store is built and ready to launch, visitors need to be able to find it, so you'll need to spend money on search engine optimisation and marketing.  Running and maintaining it takes time that can drain useful business resources. And after all the investment, hard work and dedicated time, making a return on investment is really hard work.

But what about if you could get a FREE store and for one small monthly fee, have it marketed, managed, search engine optimised, and have all your sales, specials, promotions and product updates done for you?

At Global Store Solutions, we build, manage, market and promote your online store for you - your main task will be to check what you've sold and ship it out!

So, here are the benefits of having your store with us:

  • Our stores are cheaper in the long run

    • A traditional online store will cost you anywhere from $3,000 to $20,000 per month

      > Our store build is FREE
    • Marketing and SEO will normally cost you anywhere from $1,000-$2500 per month

      > Our monthly fee for marketing, maintenance, and promotion is less than half of that
  • We save you time and effort

    • So, you've got a brand new online store up and running
      • You'll need to find someone to SEO it - that'll take time to get right
      • You'll need to market it - that's probably going to take you around 20 hours a week if you do it yourself
      • New stock? You'll need to find the time to upload all your new products and the graphics that go with them
      • Have an upcoming sale? You'll need to change the prices of your online products, write some promotional material, and then advertise it.

                 > At Global Store Solutions, we do all of this for you, saving you time, effort, and money.

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