Virtual fitting room software

Build a virtual fitting room in your ecommerce store

3D virtual fitting rooms allow your customers to virtually "try on" garments, jewellery, shoes and spectacles in 3D, using their web cam.

By being able to see themselves in the clothes you sell, your online clothing store visitors will quickly turn into buyers. Having already tried on your clothes and accessories, customers will be more certain the product will fit and suit, thereby saving you both time and money on processing returns and exchanges.

Are you wasting time and money on customers who want to try everything on in-store and then leave you with soiled or damaged stock?  With your online customers who use a virtual fitting room, your physical stock never gets soiled or damaged!

InteliWear can also be extended to function as an in-store fitting room. Installing an in-store virtual fitting room will maximise your sales capability in-store while also cutting down on time and space requirements and saving you money by not having soiled or damaged stock.

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