Powerful Ecommerce Technology

Make our virtual experience software work for you 


Global Store Solutions has the latest ecommerce technology making shopping online as close to a physical shopping experience as possible. We have a great range of ecommerce software to enhance user experience and to streamline and simplify processes for you.


Virtual tour software, ecommerce technologyVirtual Tours

Our ecommerce web development solutions are complemented by products from our partner business InteliGroup. InteliGroup's 3D interactive virtual tour software, "InteliTour", gives you as a retailer the opportunity to involve your customers in a real experience of your physical store by allowing them to 'walk through' and explore your physical store through a virtual tour.



Virtual 360 software, ecommerce technology3D Image Product Showcase

To further enhance the user shopping experience, InteliGroup has developed InteliSpin, 3D Imaging Product Showcase software. Offered exclusively through Global Store Solutions, InteliSpin offers your customers a shopping experience that is as close to a real shopping experience as possible. When combined with InteliTour, your retail customers can shop straight from the virtual shelf in a virtual store tour. They can find a product on the virtual store shelf, 'pick it up' inspect it in beautiful 3D and then place it straight into their shopping cart.


Virtual fitting room software, ecommerce technologyVirtual Fitting Rooms

The Virtual Fitting Room is state of the art ecommerce technology, offering your online shoppers the opportunity to get an in-store clothing shop experience. The 3D Virtual Fitting Room allows your customers to try on clothing, jewellery, shoes and glasses in 3D, using their webcam. 



Custom product design software, ecommerce technologyCustom Product Designer

Innovative custom product design ecommerce technology allows retailers to offer a customised product option to their customers. If you have an embroidery service, your customers can choose a personal design, photo or slogan and attach to t-shirts, shirts or gifts. Your workflow is greatly reduced by allowing customers to design their own articles before they are finally sent to you for printing.

Other uses for this software include custom design of musical instruments, tile and bathroom design and picture framing customisation.